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No grimacing at the coffee machine.
No dissatisfied employees.
No more bulk coffee.

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"Their coffee is superb"

Impressive customer feedback is pouring in.

Expert coffee roasting with 20 years of experience.

 Taste the different nuances of coffee that bulk coffee lacks. Stand out and serve great coffee!

Our coffees have been awarded the Finnish Key Flag symbol. All our coffees are roasted in our own coffee roastery, located in the culinary hub of Teurastamo.


Let's have a conversation. Preferably over coffee.

Rest assured, we'll pay close attention and treat your needs with utmost seriousness.


Select coffees that suit to your vision.

Choose by yourself or ask help from us. We are here for you.


Make an order. Receive support & training. Make a re-order.

Enjoy quickly delivered good quality coffee. We are here to assist you to get your vision alive.















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