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High-quality and delicious coffee reflects the level of a restaurant. Often, coffee is the last taste that remains in memory from a restaurant or café. Bad coffee diminishes the customer's desire to return. We roast all our coffee at the own Roastery in Helsinki, with over 20 years of experience. Helsinki Coffee Roastery's flavorful and consistent coffees help your restaurant, café, and business thrive. 

Great coffee, great business partners

We test and prepare our coffees every day in our own cafes in Vallila and Teurastamo. Our expertise is at your disposal when you need a partner to develop your business. We are more than happy to assist with training and creating recipes.

Choose a coffee from our permanent selection, such as Blend №3, Blend №4, 50/60, Buli, or Guta, or we can create custom blend for your private label brand. If you're unsure about what to order or if you'd like to taste our coffee first, just order a free coffee sample.

Coffee grinders, kettles and equipment  

We also assist you with coffee machines, such as coffee makers, coffee vending machines, grinders, thermoses, and filter papers.

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