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Apocalyptica Coffee vol 4. Lempo

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Apocalyptica Coffee vol 4. Lempo

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Product description

Lempo is our fourth Apocalyptica Coffee. It's a unique blend you won't find elsewhere in our offering. The label designed by the renowned Finnish cover artist Rami Mursula pictures a scene where roles have changed. A tree grows out of a cello instead of a tree becoming a cello. Maybe a seed found its way into an abandoned instrument.

What is Lempo?
Lempo is a villain, usually female, in Finnish mythology. She was involved in evil things and in love too. Apparently those where two sides of the same coin up in the north too. Finnish yin and yang. The truth will remain a mystery just like the tree growing out of a cello.

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Roast Level
Dark Roast
Coffee type
Filter coffee
Collaboration coffee

Product details

Flavour profile:

Dark chocolaty flavors with a strong mouthfeel. Most definitely smooth.

Roast level:

Dark, approximately 3,75/5.

What’s in it:

A 100 % arabica blend. The components may vary according to the availability of raw beans. The best before date is 6 months from the roast date.

Package measurements (height x width x depth):

250 g 24 x 15 x 6 cm
1 kg 32 x 14 x 10 cm

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